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About Vision Building Company

Vision Building Company (VBC) was created to build turnkey hotel projects as well as other commercial properties. You have one opportunity to get the job built correctly, within established budget constraints and timelines. The return on investment only works when the largest cost, construction, is controlled.

Upon award of a project, VBC quickly assembles the construction team. The work of civil engineers, architects, & electrical, plumbing and mechanical designers is all orchestrated through VBC's project manager. One point of contact ensures communications do not break down during the critical design stage. This same project manager both bids and builds the project so these two phases are seamless.

VBC operates with low overhead to reduce costs to the Owner, and as part of this philosophy also implements current technologies which save on distribution costs. Once plans are produced, VBC distributes the construction documents by several methods to ensure competitive bids are received on bid day. Documents are electronically sent to local plan rooms, online plan rooms, local print shops, and are also uploaded to VBC's server. Subcontractors wishing to bid on projects do not necessarily have to subscribe to online plan rooms or outside services to obtain the documents, which ensures more bids will be received.

Upon receipt of the bids, VBC tabulates the results and checks them for accuracy. It is critical to ensure subcontractor's bid are complete, but just as importantly do not contain too much. Two or more subcontractors including overlapping work needlessly increases the project's budget. After review of the bids, VBC makes recommendations to the Owner on any value engineering items they see as benefiting the project.

VBC also works closely with very capable mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) subcontractors that are well versed in design build projects. By doing so, this lowers the design cost normally added to the Architect's fee, and reduces change order costs and finger pointing is eliminated or kept to a minimum. For the design-build MEP concept to work, you need subcontractors that can handle the design and permitting process, as well as work with the project's budget. VBC has close relationships with these quality subcontractors.

From project inception to completion, the Owner is updated on job progress with regular meeting minutes and job photos.

Safety is held in high regard at VBC. VBC employs OSHA an approved outreach coordinator to monitor our jobsite's. Superintendents must complete OSHA training courses as well.

Vision Building Company sets itself apart from other contractors with its attention to detail, one point of contact, low overhead costs, and personal service.


Thursday December 14, 2017